jueves, julio 10, 2008

Thank you lord

Una excelente canción que cantaba "Bob Marley", interpretada por Shaggy y Kymani Marley.

Shaggy ft. Kymani Marley - Thank you Lord:

Now This One Goes Out To The Father
For Shower Of Good Blessings
Right Now I Gotta Give Thanks
And Praise Most I

Thank You Lord For What You've Done For Me

To The Father I Say

Thank You Lord For What You're Doing Now

I Go Down On My Knees And Pray

Thank You Lord For Every Little Thing Yeah
Thank You Lord For Now You Made Me See
Sing Along, Sing Along

Now When I Look Back In The Days Of All The Sweat And
All The Dues I Paid
I Go Down On My Knees And Pray
And Give Thanks To The Father For The Blessings That He Shined On Me
I Sing A Little Song Of Praise
Though I Know That Everybody Ain't As Fortunate As I May Be
One More Time I Say
Words Cannot Express Appreciation What He's Done For Me
Right Now I Say Thank You Lord



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